Who are the Pre-Award Offices?

The Pre-award offices are the two offices in Research, Economic Development & Graduate Education ("R-EDGE") that provide services for the preparation, approval, and submission of proposals to sponsored project/funding opportunities funded by off-campus entities.

The source of the project funding determines which pre-award office handles a project!


Chart of how the off campus funding source drives which office to contact
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  • The Grants Development Office (“GDO”) provides submission services for proposals funded by public (government) and foreign sources.
  • The Corporate Engagement & Innovation Office ("CEI") provides submission services for proposals funded by for-profit (industry) entities, non-profit/foundations, and provides support for SBIR/STTR proposals.

Both pre-award offices provide information, guidance, and services to Cal Poly faculty, administrators, and senior staff engaged in extramurally-funded research, curriculum development, and community service projects:

  • to identify sources of funding; click here to go to the Finding Funding page
  • to counsel faculty on the preparation of competitive proposal narratives;
  • to assist in the logistics of large-scale interdisciplinary proposals;
  • to prepare budget proposals;
  • to prepare required sponsors' forms and assurances;
  • to identify intellectual property issues.

The pre-award offices represent the University to sponsors in the preparation, delivery and revision of proposals for funding:

  • to identify and interpret sponsors' guidelines and regulations; and
  • to revise awards.

The pre-award offices coordinate with academic departments, colleges and centers:

The pre-award offices coordinate with the Cal Poly Corporation:

  • to ensure compliance with University, sponsor and Corporation policy on procedures for cost principles and contractual obligations.


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